What Do Women *and Men!) Want?

It may first date or it may be a long-term relationship, but whatever the goal, young women and men have clearly stated what the “must-haves” are – at least when it comes to initial attractiveness.

Recently a survey was done of over 5,000 single adults and the results were surprising!

Fortunately, trust and respect both ranked as essential elements in a potential partner. But before you can even get that far, close to half of the people surveyed claimed they reasearch someone online before meeting them, with 38% saying they would cancel the date if they didn’t like what they found!

Perhaps the most interesting part of the survey involved what others are judged on. The results differed for men and women, with women ranking their date’s clothing (58%) over hair (53%), and vice versa for men (51% for hair vs 45% for clothes).

Fortunately, at the bottom of the list only 9% judge other on the electronic device they carry. And towards the top for both sexes came grammar – so watch what you say!!

But least surprising (to us anyway) was the fact that the number one thing both sexes look at when sizing up their dates are… teeth!

According to one very wise survey participant, “Taking care of your teeth is a good indicator of hygiene.” How true!

Anthropologist Helen Fisher, a professor at Rutgers University, agrees. She ways, “From a Darwinian perspective, good teeth are a real indication of your health – how much you drink, smoke, and what you’re eating.” Even more so yellow, stained, uneven and otherwise unsightly teeth can leave a first impression that is hard to overturn.

Whether you are single, married, dating, or not interested – a healthy, attractive smile says so much about you. That’s why regular preventative dental care is one of the most important things you can do for your appearance and physical well-being.

At Dentist At Watertown, we care about you and your smile! If you have any concerns about the appearance of your teeth or your dental health in general, we are here for you!! Whether it’s a confidential smile evaluation, problems with bad breath, or a routine dental cleaning, we will be glad to see you and answer any questions you may have. Please call us today at 617-923-8159. We can help!


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