Will It Hurt And How Much Will It Cost?

At Dentist at Watertown we get all kinds of questions, and two that we hear very frequently are:

“Will it hurt?”


“How much will it cost?”

The great news is – the answer to both of those questions will make you very happy!

“Will it hurt?”

Unlike the old days, modern dental care is easy, quick and typically pain-free.

Current Dental anesthetics (which used to be called Novocaine”) are extremely effective and do an excellent job of thoroughly “deadening” the area which we will be treating. At our practice we take extra care to make sure that you are comfortably numb before starting any procedure.

If at any time you are feeling and discomfort, please let us know so that we may stop whatever we are doing and make sure that you are having the best dental experience possible. We firmly believe that everything we do for our patients should be a positive experience, and our advanced training and caring attitude make it happen. These days, dental appointments should be totally stress-free!

How much will it cost?

There is no question about it – quality health care can be a sizable investment. But there is no better investment than your own health, and this is not an area to be “penny wise and pound foolish.”

But whether are seeing us for a “cleaning and checkup” or an entire smile makeover, we want to make sure that you are comfortable with the financial aspect of dentistry and that your investment is comfortable for you.

Even though we use the highest quality materials and most advanced techniques, at Dentist At Watertown we are dedicated to keeping our fees reasonable.

Our talented and caring business team will be glad to discuss the best financial options for you and help you to obtain an optimum level of dental health. We want to make sure that you understand everything in order to take the stress out of the cost of dental care.

Also we will work closely with your insurance to maximize benefits, and should you choose, offer a variety of payment options such as 12 month interest free financing.

When it comes to all aspects of your dental care at Dentist At Watertown we are truly dedicated to your comfort. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1(617) 923-8159. We can help you!


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