Do You Know The Basics?

Recently the American Dental Association did a survey to see if typical Americans knew some basics about dental health. Here are some of the questions – play along and see how you do!

* What type of bristles should you have on your toothbrush- soft, medium or hard?

Most people chose either medium or hard, but the fact is soft bristles are best! Medium or hard can actually damage your sensitive gum tissue and wear your teeth!

* Sugar causes cavities – true or false?

Practically everyone answered “true” to this one, but the answer is actually “false!” But you may feel it’s a trick question. Cavities are caused by bacteria, but the problem causing organisms feed on sugar that is stuck to your teeth! We recommend limiting sweets and soft drinks, especially the sticky kind!

* Does The American Dental Association recommend brushing your teeth for sixty seconds after every meal, or for two minutes twice per day?

Again, most people get this one wrong! The ADA suggests twice per day for two minutes. Of course, if you want to throw in a few extra brushing sessions each day we won’t object – especially before you come to visit us!

* True or False – It is normal for your gums to bleed when brushing and flossing.

Okay – this is a little scary. 35% of respondents answered “true” – but the answer is definitely “false!” Think about it, what would you do if your nose bled every time you sneezed, or your arm bled when you scratched it? Well, the same goes for your gums! Bleeding is a sign of gum disease and infection, and it certainly not normal and healthy!

So how did you do? Hopefully this little quiz was fun, and maybe you even learned something!

At Dentist At Watertown, we are here to answer any questions you may have, no matter how basic! Give us a call at 617-923-8159 and we will be glad to help you, or to set up an appointment for a dental examination, cleaning, to look at any dental problem you may be having or even to brighten up your smile! Whatever it is, we can help!


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